A little over three years ago Amanda Jones accidentally started making One Minute Films...


Up until that point she had been freelancing as an art director (...some of her work may have won an Aria Award) When she stumbled upon a need for a type of film making that was simple and easy to set brands in motion in a nature and honest way. 

So she got out her biz pen and paper and created One Minute Film. 

Then the week before she launched One Minute Film #instagram suddenly announced that our 15 second film posts where now allowed to be...one minute. 

Well no one saw that coming!

One Minute film grew and grew and grew into its own entity...more that just Amanda, there was now a small village of people creating the one minute films. Making literally hundreds of films for brands both big and small, old and brand new...one minute films were made for the Iconic and the Grounds of Alexandria (to name drop a few) and one minute films launched countless brands as they took their first steps into the world. 

Now, Amanda and her honest team are partnering with the illustrious Smack Bang Designs Studio (who are also our favourite pals) to reimagine One Minute Film.

The new One Minute Film 2.0 will be emerging very soon, bringing along all the things that matter to us, clearing away those things that clog us up and introducing some new elements designed to cherish our favourite people, small biz humans.

One of these elements will be a monthly periodical with simple and down to earth help for setting brands in motion. If you would like to be a part of this